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Longline Deckhand

Department: CAPS
Location: Seattle, WA

Coastal Villages Longline, a subsidiary of Coastal Villages Region Fund, is currently seeking applications for a Deckhand to work onboard one of our Freezer Longliners. The primary job responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, working on-board our fishing vessel operating off the western coasts of Washington and Alaska. The Deckhand is expected to assist the Bosun in bringing fish aboard the vessel in a safe and timely manner. Additionally, the Deckhand will be responsible for maintaining gear and equipment to optimize fishing operations. Applicants are required to provide current Crane Operators Certificate, and USCG AB license is strongly desired. The position also requires a minimum of two years experience as a Deckhand aboard a commercial fishing vessel.

Specific Duties Include:

Inspect, repair and modify lines and gear as directed by the Bosun.

Pull and guide net, cod-ends, and line during haul-backs.

Release fish into hold tanks and manually clear fish from the net.

Splice various types of rope (e.g. three strand, braided, double braided).

Operate hoisting equipment (e.g. winches and cranes) to move fishing gear, cod ends, equipment and product and supplies during backload and offload.

Assist in taking inventory of deck equipment and supplies.

Responsible for proper stowage of nets and gear between seasons.

Responsible for manning a lifeboat station during drills or in the event of an actual abandon ship maneuver, pass out survival suits and direct crew to safety.

May stand wheel watch in an emergency situation when holding an AB document.

Keep deck area free from ice obstructions and debris.

Must hold a high standard of personal and crew safety in adverse weather conditions.

Participates in drills, required safety training, and any other company required courses.

Other duties as assigned.


- This position reports directly to the Bosun

- Seasonal Crew Contract Status: Non Exempt Seasonal

- 401k and Health Benefits upon eligibility

- Coastal Villages Region Fund has a zero tolerance Drug and Alcohol Policy.

- Candidate must be a non-smoker</p>

Selected applicants will be required to successfully pass a post-offer background, drug test and reference check.  Applicants will also be required to sign an affidavit stating they are a non-smoker.  Applicants must be willing and able to be away from home for extended periods of time, and must be willing to live and work in a cramped environment, and work as a team member at all times.  In addition, good communication skills, self motivation, and a positive attitude are important to ensure a high quality product and the safety of all crew members.     


 Crew member must be capable of working consecutive, long and variable work shifts for extended periods of time. Shifts typically range from 12 to 16 hours per day with periodic breaks depending on work demands, production requirements, availability of fish, and travel schedules.

 The work is strenuous and sometimes hazardous due to exposure to operating machinery, mechanical parts, fumes, chemicals, pressurized fluids, vibration and with the vessel operating under all types of weather conditions including extreme cold. This means standing, walking and maintaining balance in rough seas or other types of weather. 

 Both hands must be capable of grabbing, holding or gripping rope, rails, equipment and vessel structures for frequent periods of time.  Forceful grasping along with repetitive finger and hand use is occasional.

 Applicant must also be able to constantly stand, and frequently bend and crouch. Applicants must be able to climb up and down, safely ascend and descend ladders, work in small and confined spaces, and pass all safety test requirements.

 Applicants must be able to frequently lift 11-20 pounds from the floor to the waist and above the shoulders and occasionally lift 50-100 pounds in the same manner. 

 Applicants must be able to occasionally push, pull and carry 20-50 pounds and on a limited basis 50-100 pounds in the same manner.

 Specific vision requirements for this position are that the applicant needs to have peripheral, distance and depth perception abilities.  Candidate also needs the ability to determine shades, colors and shadows. 

 Applicants will be required to gain medical clearance for use of a tight fitting respirator.  



 Applicants must be able to perform intermediate math; add, subtract, multiply, divide, handle fractions and decimals; all on numbers between 1-100.  Applicant must also be able to understand, read, speak and write in English. 

 Applicant must possess the ability to apply these basic functions to American currency, weight, distance and volumes. 

 Applicant needs the ability to perform these basic functions in stressful, noisy environments and in the adverse weather conditions as mentioned above.


Upon receiving a conditional offer, selected applicants may be required to have physical examinations. The results of those tests may require a licensed health care provider and selected applicant to determine whether reasonable accommodations can be structured to allow for safe performance of the job described above while in a remote and hazardous location.

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